About this Site

Welcome to this website! I opened it as part of my mission to bring healthier lifestyle to those who are interested - hopefully many of you! The world needs it more than ever. This site is owned and operated by me and a small team of helpers, and it's independent from Hippocrates Health Institute. Don't blame them if you find something wrong on this website - instead contact us! There might be typos or you may find that things are written in strange ways - that's because my native language is Finnish. I'm willing to learn, so please send me corrections to any mistakes you may find. 

When I visited Hippocrates Health Institute for the first time I was immediately sold. The atmosphere was unique - friendly and relaxing, yet still very professional. Guests were treated with respect and care, yet still there was no distance between them and the institute employees. Having visited some high quality resorts and health retreats before, I was also amazed how well everything worked. After few months of observing, I can hardly remember any problems. Oh, a microphone didn't work once - big deal. The place is amazing, and the Clements and the staff really deserve to be respected.   

There is something else and more important to mention. The people. Guests from all walks of life, some with health challenges and most with health goals, visit Hippocrates. The common nominator is that the vast majority of them are interested in holistic and natural health-care, have chosen to take responsibility of their health in their own hands rather than giving it away to others who may not value or understand it well enough. Amazing people - unbeliveable recovery stories, great contacts and joyful experiences - I truly feel that Hippocrates is one of the first places where I truly felt like home. And I've been around.

I hope you will have a chance to participate in the Life Transformation Program soon! The information they offer is critical, but who cares about information if it's not put into practise? The importance of really immersing yourself into the lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. It is what makes the difference, and that's the difference many people really need. I recommend Life Transformation Program to everyone.

Oh, why the name "Hippocrates Gift Card"? During my stays at Hippocrates, store gift cards seemed to be a hot commodity. I guess people like to shop when everything has already been paid. So, on this site - among other benefits - we offer gift cards for all first-time visitors to Hippocrates Health Institute who mentions us while making the booking. They reward us for spreading information - we reward you for your help. And please - if there is a way I can help you by answering questions, let me know!

Eero / HippocratesGiftCard.com

Ps. Those who I've met at Hippocrates and happen to end up on this website - write me a line or two to let me know how you're doing! Thank you!