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Are you interested in visiting Hippocrates Health Institute? Get more information about the programs by clicking this link and filling the form. You can also order their free quarterly magazine.



Eero Lehtola |

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For any questions, you can contact me directly. 


Contact Hippocrates Health Institute

For program information, availability and reservations, fill a form by clicking this link or call Hippocrates using the number below, and ask for Sheila or other program consultants. They will gladly assist you. To receive your gift card and other benefits, mention me (Eero Lehtola) as your referral agent when you talk with them. Then contact me to receive your gift card.

Hippocrates Health Institute

1465 Skees Rd.
West Palm Beach
Florida 33411

Tel. +1 800 842 2125

Map of the area can be found on the Location page


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