Life Transformation Program

The program mission

Good vibrant health is one of the most important things in our life. As we all know, not taking care of it and constantly improving it, our health will sooner or later deteriorate. We'll experience it as low energy levels, sickness and premature aging. Health needs to be nurtured - and that is a life-long process. To some it may sound intimidating or uncomfortable, mainly because there are so many conflictng opinions and theories of how it should be done.

Hippocrates Health Institute was founded over 50 years ago as a response to this need for clarity and to bring help and hope to everyone who is after great health. During these decades, Hippocrates Life Transformation Program has been developed into a definitive blueprint for transitioning to a healther lifestyle - and staying there. Hippocrates Health Institute welcomes guests with wide array of needs and intentions, some with devastating disease and some simply willing to learn how to take their health into the next level. At the institute, guests will come to realize that optimal health is not only possible but also definitive and achievable!

Keys to a holistic change

It is believed at the Hippocrates Health Institute that true healing begins in our mind. In the institute guests will leave their everyday stress and routines behind, and spend relaxing and calming days in the paradise-like campus area, which has been built on an area covering 40 acres of tropical woodlands.

After meeting with physicians and health administrators, the guests will detoxify their systems through diet and individually-tailored treatments and supplements, which fill the body with oxygen and allow faster recovery. The increase in energy can be felt immediately as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness.

The role of the institute is to teach its guests how to benefit from the use of different natural approaches which are integral to the restoration of human well-being. Superior nutrition through a diet of organically-grown, enzyme-rich food, varied exercise from yoga to aerobics in the ozonated pools, massage, homeopathy, juice-fasting and cleansing to name a few. Guest will also attend daily health lectures and use the modern therapy facilities.

The banquet

According to Wester's Dictionary, food is any substance that enables one to live and grow - anything that nourishes. By that definition, not many things in the current Western diet could be called food. Processing, heating, extended storing and many other ways our food is treated leads to lack of nutrition and destroyed enzymes.

At the Hippocrates banquet, you'll find real food as it should be - pure, fresh, organic and full of enzymes - prepared in many delicous ways. Everything in the menu is designed to nourish and heal the body, as well as please the taste buds. In addition to the lunches and dinners, the program includes fresh, organic green juices which are available between the meals.

The program goals

Life Transformation Program offers the guests all necessary tools and skills to take responsibility of their health and maximise the body's potential to heal itself in natural ways. The guests will learn the Hippocrates Lifestyle and the biological and scientific facts behind the success stories of the institute. This does not only include specifics about the diet, but also features intensive instruction in therapies, lessons on the psychology of wellness and maintenance of the lifestyle in everyday life.

Special benefits offered on this website

The full Life Transformation Program is three weeks in duration, but it is possible to complete in separate week-long periods. We will offer special benefits for everyone willing to attend the program for the first time. These benefits include a gift card to Hippocrates store and an information package which helps you prepare before the program begins. Contact us to learn more about the program and hear first-hand experiences and tips how to make this opportunity as one of the best experiences in your life!